Design the branding identity for a café based in the countryside.
University project: Year 2 - Semester 1
BLAZE is a café based in Pembrey Country Park.
The café has 4 locations within the park to serve people exploring the 500 acres of beautiful scenery within the woodland and coastline. I wanted my café to be urban, ‘textured’ and natural. Instead of taking the approach of a floral theme, I chose to keep my café as realistically natural as possible, I did this by creating tree barking textures with paint, and using common colours seen in the countryside environment.

‘Blaze’ refers to the term ‘trail blazing’, which is a way-finding technique specifically used in forest trails and the woodland environment. The fascinating markings are created by pioneers and appear on tree barking. These distinctive symbols will lead you through a path created by others. I found trail-blazing so interesting that I had to use it within my brand’s identity.
I took inspiration from the Runic Alphabet and altered the alphabet’s style by making the letters more readable. The Runic alphabet fit in well with the theme of using signs and symbols while establishing that aged, traditional-yet-urban aesthetic.
Designed using Adobe Photoshop
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