*University project
In our society, we have become so conformist and similar that we fear judgement from our peers when we choose to look or act differently.
Despite the push and encouragement of acceptance in popular culture, we’ve been programmed to judge everyone, categorising and rejecting those with different beliefs, interests, ways of living, or opinions. Therefore, in our environments people remain afraid to express themselves, have individualist mindsets and simply think or do what is unheard of, ‘Radical’ is a campaign that challenges this by encouraging self-confidence and individuality.
Due to people suffering from fear of judgement and censorship, the campaign uses symbolic masks as the new face to drive change. These masks explore individuality and communicate what makes us different. They’re an exaggerated representation of uniqueness, and depict the carefree attitude towards our conformist society.
How would your mask look?
‘Radical’ encourages individuality and the sense of freedom to break from our conforming society and instead challenge the world with our differences. Whether it be through how we dress or become subject to others’ opinion, I want to encourage people to take things further, show a different side of themselves, or ‘go crazy’ with a new hairstyle others wouldn’t dare to try.
With the use of mystery, I want my target audience’ initial response to question or feel intrigued by the messages conveyed, which may prompt them to visit the webpage/QR code attached to find out more about the purpose of my campaign.
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