*University project
During the final semester of my degree, I made a letterpress print series that documented how each week went. Every Sunday, I chose a word that best described my mood and on the following Thursday I attended the university's letterpress workshop to printmake! This print series was inspired by typographic printmaking designers Anthony Burrill and Alan Kitching.
This project not only encouraged me to get into a new routine but also showed me how important it is to check in with yourself. It's interesting to see how my emotions each week varied, I experienced the good, the bad and the...meh?! I've kept each week's mood personal so have fun guessing :)
My favourite print from the series is 'HECK YEAH'.
HECK YEAH was featured in the 25 Years of Graphic Design at UWTSD Exhibition (2023)!
At the end of our course's corridor, there's a room open for students of all years to study or hangout together. It's a lovely communal space, but for the longest time the room has been referred to as the "Third Year Room" by students - shying away the first and second years from using it as a study/hangout spot.
This year our lecturers reminded us that ALL year groups on the course can use the room freely. To make sure the students know the room is welcome to everyone, I came up with the name 'The Graphics Lounge' and created a front door sign with designer and the university's tech demonstrator, Cameron Ridgway, to erase this perception!
Since I'll be graduating from UWTSD in a couple of months, I won't be there to witness if this name change will make such difference...however, I hope that this makes a long-term positive change to the social aspects of the course and encourages more students to use the facility to study or chill before and after class!
The room is perfect for studying, ice breaking, using the kettle, or plugging in a nintendo switch and playing mario kart until your viva meeting... think I'm saying too much now...
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