"To identify and consider an issue, a problem, an event, a process, an individual or a group who could utilise your creative skills and imagination to help improve a situation or perception."
*University project
Creative Conscience Awards: SHORTLISTED
Curious is a campaign raising awareness about the issue of racial microaggressions against type 4 afro-textured hair. Since the often excuse for this behaviour is ‘curiosity’, I wanted to encourage people to use their excuse for better – to learn.
The aim is to emphasise that Black people shouldn’t be declined agency, overly questioned about their hair, and that their hair should never be undermined. I focused on showing the common, un-settling experiences that affect Black people every day and emphasised their reactions by expressing the distress and anxiety that is often caused by these awkward situations. You may notice that the hair consists of words, phrases, and the opinions of others since Black hair is usually questioned rather than celebrated.
Since I didn’t want the campaign to feel too aggressive, I resorted to pushing my messages through a gentle approach. Instead of executing a darker tone, I chose to engage the audience using a vivid colour scheme that would inspire and welcome learning about the ‘what’s’ and ‘why’s’... and how they can make a positive change.
Designed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign
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