*University project
Song - Pixy Villain
Brief: design an animated video with kinetic typography.

This motion graphic is about the internal battle within someone - between their two counterparts: good and bad. Throughout the song, the bad counterpart tempts the person to abandon their current lifestyle and instead become a ‘criminal mastermind’. This story is also inspired by the Korean drama, ‘Money Heist: Korea’ – a suspenseful drama set in 2025 about a unified Korean Mint heist robbery that is taken on by a man who calls himself ‘Professor’ and his scouted North and South Korean outcasts who possess a variety of abilities.
This is a slight twist on the original meaning of PIXY’s ‘Villain’ – which, as described by the company, ‘…narrates about a breakaway from fairies and PIXY’s rebirth to bring evils to justice’ (part of the group’s ongoing lore).
Designed using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator
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