4°West is an imagined alternative festival event starting in Swansea summer 2022.
University project: Year 2 - Semester 1
My goal was to utilise and celebrate the proximity of the city with the sea, providing anyone wishing to try out one or more of the activities included. I was challenged to find an appropriate balance between the ‘alternative’ nature of the festival, and clear communication to make the festival ‘visible’.
My idea for the 4 Degrees West (4DW) project was to design a brand identity that was thrilling, quite dirty, rough, and an identity that fit the theme of an urban festival with alternative sports. To achieve this, I researched similar artists working with this style and experimented using traditional methods of design such as: letterpress, ink print and painting over punchinella to form a pop-art style pattern that would become quite evident within the brand’s deliverables. For the iconography, I wanted to incorporate hand-gestures usually performed at concerts to express this thrilling and exciting nature of an urban coast weekend festival.
Designed using Adobe Photoshop
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